Why Choose Lean Business Solutions Ltd?

We Support Companies Globally

Lean Business Solutions Ltd are a UK based organisation who support customers globally with the development and implementation of their strategic goals.

Providing consultancy, mentoring and training in a broad range of mainly manufacturing based industries, from automotive, food, contract manufacturing, plastics to pharmaceutical.

What sets us apart is our team, who have all worked and progressed in their own careers to lead successful businesses or business units, most developing from the shop floor to boardroom. This provides us an empathy for all members of your team, enabling us to communicate the improvement culture and engage with all your team, even in the most challenging situations.

Through gaining experience in various economic periods, our team are able to identify the best opportunities whether you are in growth or consolidating periods.

Why are we Unique?

Every member of the team has first hand practical lean, lean / sigma implementation experience in their manufacturing careers before joining us. Having worked from shopfloor to senior management/boardroom they know how to engage and develop your people to promote effective and sustainable cultural change initiatives.

All LBS team members have undergone continuing professional development to keep them up to date with industry best practice, supplementing with qualifications in the education sector to underpin our delivery of accredited and bespoke training programmes.

All our materials are produced in house, where we are able to change and adapt programmes to suit your specific needs and context.

Down to earth & Approachable – Not the usual besuited consultants

Challenging – Will not let people rest on their laurels

Have empathy with entire workforce from shop floor to boardroom

Our methods will become part of your companies DNA

Able to tailor solutions and techniques to the situation

All qualified AND experienced in business and training


We support the development of clients’ personnel and businesses through a mix of consulting, mentoring and both accredited and bespoke training.  

Sustainable improvements

We work with companies of all sizes from many business sectors helping them to achieve rapid and sustainable improvements throughout their business operations and production processes, resulting in increased sales and earnings growth.

Inspiring Improvement

We are a values-led company, with ‘Inspiring Improvement’ as the culture and ethos that lies at the heart of everything we do. 

Lasting impact

Our aim is to deliver high quality services that make a lasting impact to our customer’s businesses.

Our Approach

We start by getting to know you! Your values, your issues and objectives are vital if we are to plan, guide and support your business on its lean journey. The initial assessment forms the basis of our programme which may include more specific diagnostics of key areas to provide benchmarks and identify skills gaps.
Whilst we do provide standalone consulting we prefer to work WITH your team to identify improvements, thus ensuring the engagement of the site team and ongoing success, long after we have completed!

To ensure that the lean culture and methodologies are understood and supported, we have a team of very experienced and qualified trainer/consultants who can train, support and realise tangible improvements with your people. The results are a win for your business with improved business measures, a win for your people who gain increased job satisfaction and continuing professional development with the bonus of an accredited qualification (where applicable).


Our Experience

The LBS team has a wide range of experience in a variety of roles and industries. This spread of expertise enables the team to pool knowledge and develop creative and progressive solutions with your team. The team have all earned their reputation’s from shop floor through to senior management and boardroom and this underpins all our actions. Our team are currently working with clients across Europe and Asia.

Experience By Process

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Experience By Market

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