Keep Yourselves Safe

Having recently returned from a holiday in Venice in February, a week ahead of the North Venice Covid19 escalation. Delivering training in Sweden last week, it makes you reflect and hope that all our customers and their families old and new, are able to follow the guidelines of the W.H.O. and relevant governments from their own country, to keep themselves and their families safe, so that we can all continue to do business as we come out of the other end of this global crisis.

Here at LBS we are monitoring all the information and following the guidelines to keep us, our families and customers safe and healthy. We are utilising skype and video conferencing where appropriate, including delivering online training sessions. To customers old and new if you require any advice or help from us during this time please feel free to contact us.

Good News Stories


Gislaved Folie

Last week Kerry was working with Gislaved Folie as part of their Lean transformation. He facilitated a Kaizen blitz 5S roll out with all the members of the Kalendar 3 team. Below you can see photos of them receiving their certificates at the end of the week. The team’s passion and energy to improve their working environment and remove wasted activity was outstanding and Bengt-Goran Kjeller their manager and Per Gustavsson M.D. said they were both amazed by the transformation the team had achieved in 1 week.

Well done Kalendar 3 team!!

Lean Office

During a Lean transformation, most businesses start with the operations areas but never get around to focussing where most of the non value added activity is generated in their businesses, in the office or transactional areas. Very often, the waste that we see in operations has already been “built in”, by not truly understanding the customers needs at the outset or poor sales, new product introduction processes (N.P.I.), and inefficient supply chains not focussing on value for their customer. Here at LBS we have experience of working in many sectors from food, automation and manufacturing both here in the U.K. and globally reducing N.P.I. lead times by 40%, reducing stock days from 37 to 29 while increasing the sales in the same period from £50 million to £75 million.

Below is a recent example of a company in East Yorkshire who, working with Colin, are well on with the operations transformation and just starting their Lean Office transformation.

Sarah Green the customer supply manager commented:

“The Lean Office course has been extremely beneficial and has helped our company highlight office wastes and non-lean processes. Since the course, we have implemented new procedures that save employees numerous hours looking for colour matches. This allows the team to be more efficient with their responses to their customers and prevents unnecessary colours and costs been added to the business. Colin the trainer is a wonderfully engaging presenter who makes the course both enjoyable and informative.”


If you’d like to learn more about transforming your office or transactional processes then please contact us @ or call Kerry on +447985582753.


Sika U.K. Ltd

Another customer “Inspired to Improve”. This time it’s Sika U.K. LBS have been working with their Leeds site for a number of years. Phil Hanson of LBS, working with John Peers head of group quality developed a programme to train the quality team in Lean thinking and continuous improvement techniques. Recently, Steve Lowrey our newest LBS team member, has been rolling out the programme at the Sika Welwyn Garden City site. Below are members of the Welwyn quality team attending workshops on problem solving techniques and how to implement lean.

Pictured below are the team who won the kaizen “Pizza” challenge ?



Recent Celebrations


Below are some photographs of green belt awards given to Cecilia Olson of Gislaved Folie. And Amanda Johnsson of Rosti Gislaved



From around the Lean community

I came across this article recently by Peter Hines and it was really pleasing to read such a prominent Lean guru, confirm the approach we take here at LBS rolling Lean out across global businesses. We introduce Lean tools linked to the strategy of the business but allow each site the autonomy of making them work in their environment and culture. Too many consultancies stick to rigid “out of the box” solutions and try to “shoehorn” them into the business and culture and invariably do not achieve the benefits for the business globally. Please follow the link and read the article.


Written by Peter Hines

Best Selling Author and Award Winning Professor Of Lean Leadership




If you are planning your training needs then the funding currently available across the U.K. will help to enhance your plans. Although, as we write this article, the funding situation will change as the government works to support people, businesses and the economy. The current situation is, providing you meet the funding criteria then depending the area you are in, you may get up to 70% of your training funded if you are an S.M.E. In some limited areas such as Sheffield, if you are a large manufacturer you could get up to 40% toward your training needs.


Contact Kerry or Colin for help on identifying what is available in your area. or arrange a skype or video call or to receive more information.


Kerry Cochran –  Tel. +447985582753


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Stay safe and healthy everyone, be kind and considerate and we will come out the other side ?