Lean Business Solutions is a values-led company, with Inspiring Improvement as the culture and ethos that lies at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to deliver high quality services that make a lasting positive impact on our customers’ businesses.

Management Development

Our team has extensive experience of building robust and successful management teams in both our consulting roles and previous operational roles.

Able to relate to scenarios from board room to operator level we can identify and support the needs of your business to achieve the desired results.

From one to one coaching to team development we create and deliver innovative and challenging programmes that really will Inspire your people. 

Process Improvement / Waste elimination

From drastic reductions in changeovers to factory layout redesign we have an excellent record of process improvements that have saved our clients financial savings, increased capacity and avoided unnecessary capital investment!

Engaging and enabling your people to identify and address the opportunities that exist is our mission as a business.

Our experience

The LBS team has a wide range of experience in a variety of roles and industries. This spread of expertise enables the team to pool knowledge and develop creative and progressive solutions with your team. The team have all earned their reputation’s from shop floor through to senior management and boardroom and this underpins all our actions. Our team are currently working with clients across Europe and Asia.

Lean Enterprise

Lean Business Solutions Ltd has a wealth of experience introducing Lean across organisations to include all parts of the business process and thereby yield amazing results.

Our approach is designed around your people, engaging and developing to identify new ways of working that deliver higher levels of performance from customer, employer and employee perspectives!

Lasting impact

Our aim is to deliver high quality services that make a lasting impact to our customer’s businesses.

Inspiring Improvement

We are a values-led company, with ‘Inspiring Improvement’ as the culture and ethos that lies at the heart of everything we do. 


We support the development of clients’ personnel and businesses through a mix of consulting, mentoring and both accredited and bespoke training.  

Sustainable improvements

We work with companies of all sizes from many business sectors helping them to achieve rapid and sustainable improvements throughout their business operations and production processes, resulting in increased sales and earnings growth.

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