Rixonway Kitchens

Rixonway Kitchens Ltd are one of the country’s leading manufacturers mainly serving the housing association and public housing sectors. Based in a purpose-built facility with plans for growth, the Rixonway team recognised that a major cultural change was necessary to take the next steps forward.

What was the process and results in helping Rixonway?

The first stage was to engage the management team and create a shared vision for Lean. This was achieved by a combination of training and all inclusive breifings to enrol and inform.

The training groups were multi-disciplinary, which built closer links across the team, shared issues and concerns and importantly served to demonstrate total commitment from board level down. Old departmental barriers were broken as the team demonstrated a consistent approach.
5S training was followed by a transformation that did not go unnoticed! Key customers and suppliers were impressed by visiting the Dewsbury site and the service they were getting, some even began their own initiatives!

Standard operations were developed for key processes not just to normalise the processes but to reduce the induction period for new employees thus making them more productive sooner.

The effects of this training were that the workforce began to really believe that this was “no flavour of the month, no flash in the pan”. The Rixonway management and workforce commitment had been consistent and supported by Phil Hanson from the beginning. Public funding has provided Rixonway with independent expertise and tremendous value for money!

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