External QA assurance feedback (Matrix)

Any organisation which manages, administers and delivers an information, advice and/or guidance service to support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals can become accredited to the matrix Standard. It does not matter whether the service or services are delivered face-to-face, through training, learning, remotely, or through a website.

Organisations that have benefited from working with the Standard include Training Providers, Universities, Further/Higher Education Colleges, Schools and Academies, Sole Traders, Next Step Providers, Voluntary and Community Organisations and Private Businesses.

Overview, process and achievements

The Auditor noted that we also have a strong ethos around professional integrity driven from our consultancy practice and that we work hard to manage our approach to respect the individual learner and employer, that we build strong relationships with employers over time and that these are effective at all levels.  He noted there was clear evidence that this is an important foundation for us in helping to unlock barriers to learning at all levels for our customers.

“They understand culture and tailor for us as an organisation and our staff members”
Employer representative

“Initially not looking forwards to it but he provided a common sense approach”

Our Auditor went on to comment on the training we provide: Success is as much around achieving the qualification as well as having an impact on personal development, improving skills, knowledge, and improving team working in the workplace…Operational performance data from the manufacturing team provides useful indicators about the impact and achievements. Learners interviewed reported being positive about the approach being taken and fully understood the context for the programme and its overall purpose for the organisation.

“People become proud and get engaged”
Employer representative

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