Specialising in assembly, web handling, special packaging & special process automation Lambert are Strategic partners to the medical, healthcare, , EM, consumer goods, subsea, consumer goods and healthcare industries. Delivering industrialisation, cost reduction, unrivalled quality and scalable projects across the globe.

How we help

Over the past 3 years Lambert has seen record growth in its business, a fantastic achievement considering much of the UK has been slowly moving out of global recession. Such impressive performance results from Lambert setting out to develop a vision and strategy “to ensure we listen, adapt and deliver beyond what our customers expect”.  New words have entered everyday conversations and thoughts: customer focus, added value, solution provider, each of which has fuelled increased quality, value, and innovation to their business systems, services and products. Improvements have been supported by the adoption of appropriate Lean Tools and Techniques.

Alongside developing the a ‘Lean’ Strategy for the business Lambert has also developed the ‘Genesis Initiative’ of Modular Technology driven by the need to be innovative and become highly competitive with the supply of machinery in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Standardisation of design has resulted in a 20% reductions in hours across design, manufacture, build and test activities.

Warren Limbert, Managing Director Lamberts

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