HAGS SMP – personal development

HAGS SMP is a global company with a product offering that stretches over an extensive range – for play, sports and other outdoor recreation – designed for people of all ages. We have gained over 50 years experience in providing both landscaped and traditional outdoor areas. They help balance the children and communities demand for exciting and challenging play spaces with the needs of the maintenance and operations team that run them. They listen to the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the project, and through our design team, we will find the perfect balance for you.

“LBS’s Lean training programme has had a major impact on both my work and home life. I am now a better manager, better planner and find that work is less stressful! I find that I manage projects and people far better and do a better job as a result.”

Paul Cusson of Hags SMP

Overview, process and achievements

Paul has worked for 17 years as a welder and fabricator at Hags SMP, who design, build and install a range of playground and fitness equipment supplying markets in both the UK and overseas, and is currently in the role of Fabrication Team Leader. Paul has completed our Lean Practitioner course where he gained an understanding of Lean tools and techniques, to further enhance his skills, Paul then completed the Lean Leader course provided by LBS which he says has “given me additional skills to support our Lean implementation across the business”. The training has, however, not only just helped with the implementation of Lean, as Paul comments “I find that my increasing confidence has enabled me to step away from the tools to see and be involved in the bigger picture.”  This increased confidence has resulted in Paul progressing to further training; he is currently completing a Level 3 Business Management Diploma at Selby College and says “I am now able to look toward a future with career progression a strong possibility”.

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